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Should You Rollover Your 401k?

401k rollovers are common practice at many times in our lives. Whether you are at retirement, changing jobs, or coping with a layoff, we need to understand the facts of rolling over our 401k. In some cases, it might make sense to LEAVE your funds in the 401k.

Most Common Rollover Types

The 60-day or Indirect rollovers, and Direct rollovers are the most common two types of 401k rollovers. Understanding the rules of each can minimize possible taxes and penalties.

Top 7 401k Rollover PITFALLS

Learn the facts surrounding the Top 7 401k rollover pitfalls. Understanding these could save you thousands in unnecessary taxes and penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions About 401k Rollovers

This Ebook will provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions on 401k rollovers like; Am I eligible for a 401k rollover? Will I owe taxes on a rollover? What can I do with my 401k at retirement? What to do with my 401k after I leave employment? and much, much more...

401k Rollovers and Loans

I have a loan against my 401k. Can I roll my 401k if I have this loan outstanding? If you have an outstanding 401k plan loan, caution must be applied if you plan to do a 401k rollover.

How To Choose An Advisor Checklist

In this guide we have included the Smart Investors Checklist to selecting a financial advisor. Today's financial advisor needs to understand the complex rules and regulations surrounding 401k rollovers.

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A word from Brian Neff

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Your 401k Rollover Options

Whether you are at or near retirement, you have many options regarding your 401k after leaving your current job.

Your choices are relatively simple.

You can choose to roll your retirement plan over to an IRA with virtually any bank, broker, or financial advisor. Or, your company’s 401(k) provider may be offering you an alternative to remaining in your plan.

My question to you is also simple, “What do YOU want to do with your hard earned retirement plan? Your answers may vary based on your unique situation.

Before you decide what to do, make sure you get our E-book, The Ultimate 401k Rollover Guide. You can order it below at no charge.

We feel the more you know about your financial situation, the more you will be empowered to strengthen it.

Questions? You may call me at my direct line below.

Brian K Neff Sr.

CEO - America's Retirement Income, LLC.

You may reach Brian on his direct line at 972-704-3017 or visit his firm on the web below...

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